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Dear Reader

I began writing “A Man For Every Purpose” as a way to keep record and understand my own love journey. Candidly spilling out what was trapped inside of me this process quickly became a creative outlet. Recalling the wild antics and phases I went through in search of sustainable love and unknowingly in search of myself. I fell down, we all do, I choose to keep going, with a ferocious heart not giving up on love or on myself…Life happens and when we can learn from it, then life happens for us.

This evolved into a great work of heart that I am sure you will love!

I am working on the second book in the series “A House For Every Purpose” where the adventures continue. This time leaving behind the comforts of home in an attempt to find and new life, a new self.

Happy Reading!
From My Heart to Yours,

Katie L Lindley

Founder of SexLoveMantra.com

“You could write a book about your dating life and I would read it over and over!”

About the Author

Katie L Lindley

Katie L Lindley is the founder of sexlovemantra.com, a blog about dating and falling in love in modern America. Lindley has been obsessed with relationships and courageously took on a study into why some work and others fail. Her journey while writing a book became just as enlightening as her journey through love and heartache. Lindley’s unique voice reveals the story of a brave warrior fearlessly searching for love.

“I shared my book with a close friend that said I had to share it with the world. I then became more focused on writing about my personal journey. The echo of the words from another friend began replayed in my head, saying, ‘You could write a book about your dating life and I would read it over and over!’ So I kept going… Then Karen Dickinson showed up with her great dreams of helping someone write a book. As all the components began falling into place, I quickly became humbled. I realized I was immersed in a true work of heart made possible by not only me, but by many people sharing a common vision.

I live life like it is all on my side, like everything will always turn out for the best. I truly believe that whomever is supposed to show up in my life will. I have a heart full of faith and hope. This book is a product of that faith and the many hearts that have shaped it. I am full of gratitude.“


What people
are saying

Readable, funny, heartbreaking, relatable.

“I couldn’t put this book down. It was refreshing and an honor to get a glimpse into the heart and mind of a woman persistently seeking love, finding so much more than relationships along the way. This journey of self discovery is brutally honest, full of humor, wisdom, and, well, lots of men!”

Vivian B., Cota De Casa, Ca

I love this book!

“Katie L Lindley is brave exposing many truths. The lessons she learns are relatable. Her innocent and not so innocent experiences keep you turning the pages. The only caution in this tale is that you may find yourself shopping for super-hero underwear. Supremely entertaining this book is not just for the girls, you guys may want to sit up and take notes.”

Andrea S., Newport Beach, CA

This book reminds me of my journey!

“I first felt really bad for the protagonist. Then I realized this story is not about a weak character, it’s about a strong woman who had yet to discover the power within herself. Loved it!”

Dana A., Laguna Beach, CA
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Reading A Man For Every Purpose

May bring you closer to understanding your own love journey. Funny, heartbreaking, sassy, you will yell at the heroin for returning open-heartedly to the same wreak that knocked her down. As she learns you will delight, that love can be possible. You will laugh and ultimately enjoy this brave, cheeky page- turning read.

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